Bla Bla Blog: The Overture

Bla-Bla Blog: The Overture

Hello world, It’s time I come out of my music production cave, and share my story with ya’ll. In September I’ll be releasing a double CD titled The Ballad of Johnny Rose. The production is a Two Act Rock Opera. It is a story of redemption. A spiritual adventure, based on true events. You know it is my story, but I know it is actually your story.

As I prepare for the musical release, I am simultaneously working on the stage production of the show. While the master tracks have been in California, being mixed by Robert Berry, for the last two months, I have been diligently creating the score and charts for the pit musicians. I finished the score for Act One yesterday, (439 pages) which is why, and how, I have created the time to start blogging today, before continuing on to Act Two.

This blog is about the creation of Johnny Rose, the CD, and the stage show, and all I’ve been through to reach this point. I hope you’ll join me as my journey travels from inception to manifestation, and we continue to monitor and discuss the life and times of Johnny Rose as it unfolds.

An Overture is usually played at the beginning of an Opera. It is a “quilt of a song”, as it is combination of the many different themes and melodies from the show, giving the audience a prelude to the many different melodies they are about to hear. In the case of Bla Bla Blog: The Overture, today’s blog is an introduction to the various topics we will cover in the coming weeks and months.

Part of the discussion will be about me, and how I came to create this amazing story from my life’s journey. The story is really about the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and it’s seminary; The Church of Divine Man. Some people assume that the story is about me. And I guess it is, but it could be about any of the thousands of different people that walked through the doors of BPI / CDM. (And a few who didn’t.)

Another concept we’ll discuss is who really wrote this show. I don’t always feel like I’m the author. I’ve always felt that this story was created and written by The Supreme Being. I feel like the information I wrote channeled through me at the direction of the Supreme Being. More on that latter.

We’ll also discuss the material within the story of Johnny Rose. Many people have accused Mozart of revealing “secrets” or secret teachings of the Freemason’s in his Opera The Magic Flute. At most, he reveals sacred symbolism, but never really gets into the actual teachings. I, on the other hand, have gone out of my way to reveal, and share the philosophy and teachings of BPI / CDM, so as to enlighten the masses, and, hopefully, make the world a better place.

Lyrically speaking there are several recurring themes: meditation, energy, spirit, as one, world peace, inner peace, miracles, love, light and life.

Many parts of the show might be considered, by some, to be fantasy, or fiction. As an example, I refer you to three of the main characters; the Three Spirits. We already have so many movies and cartoons about Ghosts and Spirits, that we assume them all to be fictional fantasy: Ghosts aren’t real ! I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts! “Casper the friendly ghost”. Are they friendly spirits? Since I have sub-titled this story “A spiritual adventure based on a true story”, I must also mention that this is much more of a non-fiction story than anyone would ever imagine. As the weeks go by, we will delve deeper into the discussion of spirits and trans-mediumship. Real? Or just my over-imagination?

With Peace Profound.

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